In a true Kanye West-style move, the rap superstar is reportedly holed up in a mountaintop retreat somewhere in Wyoming. Get excited, fans; West is allegedly working on a new album while up there, hoping the mountaintop will provide inspiration and creativity. The reports come just days after West appeared to have deleted his Twitter and Instagram pages.

West is no stranger to travelling for inspiration; he retreated to a Hawaiian mansion for the writing and recording process of his 2010 album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, accompanied by several of the artists who featured on the record.

Critics and fans alike consider ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ to be some of, if not the best of West’s work, so if he is indeed at the top of a Wyoming mountain writing new material, fans could be in for another smash-hit album.

The mountain retreat could explain the rapper’s recent absence from the Met Gala which his wife Kim Kardashian attended, though Kardashian said that West was taking some time off at home.

While fans were certainly disappointed that Kanye West deleted his social media, no doubt they’ve forgiven him now in the hope of a new album.