Wu-Tang Clan Australian fans can now enjoy the hip-hop group’s premium liquor range.

The liquor line features four flavours: C.R.E.A.M., Butterscotch, The O.G. and Strawberry & Lime and is now available in Australian bottle shops.

Manufacturers of the range, Divas, describe the flavours below:

Wu-Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M. – is a perfect blend of fresh cream with nutty tones and nougat. Enjoy on the rocks, or mixed into a creamy cocktail.

Wu-Tang Clan Butterscotch – rich, with a hint of vanilla. Traditionally served ice cold, also a great addition to cocktails or shooters.

The O.G. – Wu-Tang Clan Original is a classic drink, made with the latest distilling techniques. Ideal mixer to bring the ruckus to almost any cocktail and is perfect for jelly shots!

Wu-Tang Clan Strawberry & Lime – Bursting with ripe berry flavour and lime juice, it‘s the drink to set fire to the night. Enjoy it on its own, or as a mixer.

Visit the site for more info on where you can buy the Wu-Tang Clan Premium Liquor and ‘Taste Da Ruckus’.