Rapper Travis Scott has been arrested at his own show in Arkansas after allegedly encouraging a riot. Officers were waiting at the end of the concert and arrested Scott as he left the stage. Scott was held only for a short while and was released later that night, although it’s reported he will appear before an Arkansas court at a later date.

Scott was charged with inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of  a minor and disorderly conduct. During his concert he called for the large crowd to push up the stage through security barricades and indeed officers, allegedly injuring several people including members of the security team.

It’s not the first time that Scott has been charged with riot-related offences; at his Lollapalooza show in 2015 he again urged the crowd to rush the stage and push through security, again causing several injuries.

Despite the tangles with law-enforcement, the rowdy end to the show did not ruin the concert-goers’ night.