The NFL’s 2017 season draft is currently underway in Philadelphia, the first time since 1961 that the city has held the event. The draft began on Thursday, 27 April and will continue until 29 April.

Big talk is surrounding Myles Garrett, who was the very first selection in Round One of the draft. He was the hot tip for the number one selection coming up to draft and will now play for the Cleveland Browns.

The second selection in Round One went to quarterback Mitchell Trubisky for the Chicago Bears. NFL fans and followers were shocked at the pick, especially since the Bears gave up three picks to move up a spot and select Trubisky.

Another major story out of the 2017 NFL draft is the return of Marshawn Lynch. Lynch came out of retirement to negotiate a two-year contract with the Oakland Raiders. The contract is estimated to be worth $US8.5 million.

With the 2017 NFL season draft set to continue until Saturday, stay tuned for plenty more news to come out of Philadelphia.