Super Bowl ads are always the most talked about highlight of every Super Bowl but this year they really outdid themselves with a strong political undercurrent.

Kia welcomed everyone’s favourite funny-woman Melissa McCarthy to their screens and T-Mobile divided people with Justin Bieber’s serious (lack of) charm.

Despite the onslaught of star power the most memorable ads were those most timely and relevant. The worst, however, were those most boring and even cringeworthy.

The Worst:

5. Alfa Romeo – Dear Predictable
This ‘Dear Predictable’ ad was unfortunately and ironically just too predictable.

4. Michelob Ultra – Our Bar
With footage of people exercising hard and finishing with a low carb beer and the ‘Cheers’ theme music playing along it was hard to figure out what the point of it was. Were they trying to promote teamwork?

3. Wendy’s – Cold Storage
I’m glad to hear they’re not using frozen meat but I do feel like they could’ve been more creative about this.
2. Tiffany & Co. – Lady Gaga
This was a chopped together interview where Lady Gaga spent most of the time talking about herself and then it seemed like she was justifying her existence to Tiffany & Co.

1. KFC – Colonel vs. Colonel
This was a short 15 seconds of Billy Zane painted gold as colonel as he explained the new KFC Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken while the previous colonel, Rob Riggle, protests. We’re glad they have the secret recipe for chicken because they sure haven’t found it here.

The Best:

5. It’s A 10 Hair Care
Putting a comical edge on politics, this 30 second commercial blends the two perfectly saying: “America, we are in for at least four years of awful hair”.

4. Budweiser – Born The Hard Way
An obvious pick for favourite with a strong immigration message, Budweiser’s ‘Born The Hard Way’ ad was leaked in advance but still remained one of the stronger ads of the day.

3. Audi – Daughter
Audi put a lot of effort into advocating equal pay for women in this one-minute wonder. With a message bigger than it’s brand, it’s one we can definitely get behind.

2. 84 Lumber – Complete The Journey
At a whopping three minutes and sixteen seconds, this commercial doesn’t reveal it’s message until the very end but it’s definitely one worth waiting for. 84 Lumber bring to light America’s current political landscape but forge the ending we can only hope for.

1. Mr. Clean – Cleaner Of Your Dreams
This Super Bowl ad puts a fresh new perspective on a product we all thought we knew very well. It’s lacking that deeper meaning but is light and entertaining in all the right ways.