Who killed Tupac Shakur? A question many people in and out of the hip-hop industry have asked time and time again. Countless rumours have transpired over time about who the killer may be and now, it seems we may have an answer.

Former Death Row Records CEO, Suge Knight was with Tupac the night he was killed and has kept his mouth shut, until now.

Knight, who is currently awaiting a murder trail himself, has endorsed the new Tupac Shakur documentary, Tupac Assassination: Battle For Compton, by confirming the documentaries allegations are true.

Knight has subsequently pinned the murder on Death Row Records security chief, Reggie White Jr and his ex-wife Sharitha.

Although we may find relief in finally knowing who Shakur’s killer was, some sources are claiming Knight is merely trying to portray himself as a target of gang violence in defence of the hit-and-run accusations he is currently facing.

As a result, it could be said that Knight is using the documentary to his advantage in his own trial, or perhaps Reggie White Jr and Sharitha really did murder Tupac?