Infamous internet meme ‘Cash Me Ousside Girl’, whose actual name is Danielle Bregoli, is reportedly embarking on a US-wide tour.

The 14-year-old gained internet notoriety after her appearance on Dr Phil in which she challenged those laughing at her for her bad and disrespectful behaviour to “cash me ousside, how bow dah?”, which translates to “catch me outside, how about that?”.

Bregoli doesn’t appear to think her 15 minutes of fame after the meme are up; on the contrary, appearing in a rap music video and signing a reality TV contract were just some of the things on Bregoli’s schedule this year. Now she’s added a national tour.

While many people are coming up blank with what she could possibly actually do on this supposed tour, there are reports that the ‘show’ will involve Bregoli lip syncing to her favourite songs and getting the audience to “joke around” on stage.

No dates or venues have been announced yet, although it’s already known that Bregoli could stand to make $50,000 per show.