West Virignian teen, Robbie Barrat has created a rapping artificial intelligence bot that can create bars using Kanye West lyrics.

According to Quartz, Barrat was arguing with his peers in his high school programming club about whether artificial intelligence could ever accomplish tasks better than humans.

Barrat proved them wrong a week later when they next met.

Using open-source code, Barrat managed to programme the A.I with 6,000 Kanye West lyrics.

The rapping A.I was Barrat’s first project and wrote most of the original code in an afternoon.

The bot can now generate speech that raps the words written by the A.I and also adds in semi-appropriate pauses.

“Originally it just rearranged existing rap lyrics, but now it can actually write word-by-word,” Barrat said.

Take a listen to the track for yourself below.

“It’s not like I’m being assigned these for school, it’s just that I like to work on projects that incorporate math, computer science and more artistic elements,” Barrat said.

“I got a neural network to write piano melodies. I’ve been trying to get [neural networks] to generate abstract art. I don’t know if you can call teaching a neural network to make rap songs artistic, but I like to think that you can.”

It’s clear Barrat has a bright future ahead of him and his skills will be in high demand considering some of the biggest companies offering multi-million dollar salaries for A.I programmers in an attempt to attract more talent to fill the growing demand.

They may just have to wait for Barrat to finish school first though.