Although technology is supposed to make our lives easier, some will argue it’s oversaturated and overused, turning us into zombies unable to function without it, sucked into the screen in our palms.

For those of you who miss the simpler days, your prayers have been heard.

There is word that Finnish company, HMD Global may be planning to resurrect the early-2000s brick phone, the Nokia 3310.

VentureBeat reported HMD will release the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 as well as an homage to the Nokia 3310.

The Nokia 3310 earned it’s love because of it’s phenomenal battery life and durability; two features modern day smartphones lack.

The Nokia 3310 is estimated to sell at approximately $80AU. 



  • Eva

    well this is the most awaited comeback of the year.
    With the popular game, SNAKE hahaha love it.