It’s been confirmed! After years, yes years, of waiting for new music from New Zealand songstress Lorde, she has finally confirmed rumours of a new single release after the mysterious drop of a video that revealed just about nothing earlier in the week.

The announcement came on Twitter when Lorde revealed the title of the track, ‘Green Light’.

A series of tweets followed giving an insight of what to expect on the forthcoming track.

She also revealed it’s official release with a video in tow to come later today.

Lorde hasn’t released any music since her 2014 track ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ from ‘Hunger Games’ and fans have been eagerly waiting new music. Lorde herself has also received a lot of hate from so-called fans as well on social media criticising her ability to produce new music in a timely manner. The wait, however, makes this announcement even more anticipated and thrilling.

We’re all eager to wrap our ears around ‘Green Light’ and hear what Lorde has been working on all this time.

This will most likely be the first taste of an album that will hopefully follow.