After the release of his recent single ‘Swish’, featuring 2 Chainz, Kid Ink is set to hit Australian shores next week.

‘Swish’ is an obvious tribute to basketball but Kid Ink says it was more about having fun than anything else.

“Sometimes we’re stuck in the studio and the only thing on TV will be basketball or football games,” Kid Ink explains.
“I think sometimes it’s definitely easy to go that route. … I think everybody thinks of their hoop dreams and they could have been a basketball player at one point. I’m definitely a big fan, I think it’s one of my favourite sports but I think when I went for the song I was kind of just having fun and it kind of just went with the vibe.”

Kid Ink will be doing a string of shows while he’s here in Australia and is promising to put the audience first and bring you something you haven’t seen before.

“I think it’s all about going with the crowd and making them feel a part of the show and really turning it up with them and making sure they’re not just watching me on stage but really getting into it,” he says.

He’ll also be bringing with him special guests Dave East and Dizzy Wright but Kid Ink is keeping quiet on any other surprises.

“Right now I’ve got Dave East and Dizzy Wright coming on tour with me for the tour so from there we’re going to see what happens you know. I have some friends out there and I like to keep it fun and exciting.”

Since his last tour to Australia, Kid Ink now has a baby girl to bring along and consider in his travel plans as well.  

“Since birth she’s been good when we’re travelling so I’m not really worried about her being on a bus or anything like that,” he says.
“We always make sure we’ve got a separate bus. The bus I’m on is separate from the bus everyone else is on. There’s no partying on my bus, there’s no smoking or crazy drinking, it’s not dirty; if you do anything dirty you get kicked off the bus.
“So on my side of things, I’ve definitely made sure to put a situation together where it’s a little bit more comfortale for my wife and kid.”

As his name suggests, Kid Ink is famous for his tattoos but he has revealed his reluctance in adding to his body art collection in pursuit of a career in film.

“I gotta find some room [for more tattoos]. I’m trying to stay away from my face. I want to get a little bit more into the TV side of things and I gotta stop tattooing my face if I want to be on TV.
“I can’t be on a movie with all the tattoos on my face; I’d have to play a hispanic gangster every time. I think I got a lot of leg room.
“I want to get some more portraits done. I think the next thing I want to do is get portraits and faces.”

Between now and when he hits Australian shores, Kid Ink is busy working in the studio to bring us a brand new album very soon.

“I’m getting as much done as I can before we go on tour. I’ll be working on the road always but when I get home it’s going to be crunch time so we can really get this album done.”

22 Feb – Metro City (Perth)
23 Feb – Prince Bandroom (Melbourne)
24 Feb – Max Watts (Brisbane)
25 Feb – Enmore Theatre (Sydney)