In an interview with GQ yesterday, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson admitted that running for President is “a real possibility”.

Johnson added that he didn’t vote for either President Donald Trump or Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton but was approached by both candidates about an endorsement.

“I feel like I’m in a position now where my word carries a lot of weight and influence, which of course is why they want the endorsement,” Johnson explained.

“But I also have a tremendous amount of respect for the process and felt like if I did share my political views publicly, a few things would happen — and these are all conversations I have with myself in the gym at four o’clock in the morning — I felt like it would either (a) make people unhappy with the thought of whatever my political view was. And, also, it might sway an opinion, which I didn’t want to do.”

Johnson went on to say that if he were President he would be open to opposing views.

“I wouldn’t shut them out,” he said.
“I would actually include them. The first thing we’d do is we’d come and sit down and we’d talk about it.”

“We all have issues and we all gotta work our sh*t out,” he continued.
“And I feel like one of the qualities of a great leader is not shutting people out. … The responsibility as president — I [would] take responsibility for everyone. Especially when you disagree with me.
“If there’s a large number of people disagreeing, there might be something I’m not seeing, so let me see it. Let me understand it.”

The presidential election in 2020 could be even more of a wild ride than the last now that Trump has paved the way for TV and reality celebrities to make their way into politics.

Kanye West may now have some tough competition on his hands if The Rock keeps seeding campaign messages this early on.