40,000 Beliebers filled Suncorp Stadium last night to see Canadian sensation Justin Bieber as part of his Purpose World Tour.

During the high-energy show Bieber hacked up a lung’s worth of phlegm and instead of facing away from the mic he coughed straight into it so his coughing fit was no secret to the crowd.

“I think I must be coming down with something,” he said during ‘Let Me Love You’ while coughing mid song.

“I can’t stop coughing up here. I’m a little jet-lagged, a little sick, but we’re powering through.”

He also battled with the weather admitting the Brisbane heat really got to him as he was dressed in jumpers and jackets while dancing around on stage.

“It’s hot as hell up here,” he said.

Brisbane also taunted with threats of rain as it sprinkled in spits and spots above Suncorp Stadium.

The rain stayed away however and fans actually enjoyed seeing more of a real side to Bieber as he struggled with his health and the elements like any other human being.

Bieber has a bunch more shows to come and won’t be wrapping up until early September at this stage so we hope he finds time to recuperate and regain his health somewhere during that time.