Jay Z has allegedly removed all his solo work from streaming services Spotify and Apple Music. On Saturday, people trying to stream the rapper’s albums discovered that most of them were not available on the sites anymore. In fact, only a select few collaboration albums are still up.

While no official comment has been made yet from the rapper regarding the pull, many think it’s due to Jay Z owning another streaming service Tidal, which differs from Spotify and Apple Music mainly in that it requires payment from subscribers.

Tidal was launched in 2014 to allow the artists featured to receive a fair and appropriate amount of the royalties from their plays on the site, something Jay Z believed that other services did not do.

The pull was quietly done and when people began to notice Spotify briefly said that the albums were pulled at Jay Z’s request. Apple Music hasn’t yet made a comment.

All Jay Z’s albums are still available on iTunes; you’ll just have to pay for them.