Hot on the heels of his smash hit album ‘÷‘ (Divide), Ed Sheeran is now teasing Australian and New Zealand fans with the possibility of a tour later this year.

The English crooner has been dropping cryptic messages on his social media recently and fans are going wild. Frontier Touring, a major touring company responsible for some of the world’s biggest stars hitting Australian shores, has been joining Sheeran in posting mysterious hints online as well.

Sheeran’s post, which has since mysteriously disappeared, shows his latest album’s artwork subtly reworked to include a silhouette of a kangaroo and a kiwi bird, hinting a trans-Tasman Sea tour. Frontier Touring’s image was posted without any caption or context at all, but fans were quick to notice that the plain blue was suspiciously similar to the blue artwork of  ‘÷‘. Frontier Touring also reposted Sheeran’s image.

Sheeran was in the country earlier this year but performed only two exclusive, intimate shows. With his last full tour being in 2015, its no wonder that his fans embraced the news so excitedly.

Stay tuned for any further news of an Ed Sheeran’s Australian Tour this year!