Gorillaz haven’t released an album since their 2010 album ‘The Fall’ and fans have been eagerly waiting for more ever since.

After they released their single ‘Hallelujah Money’ earlier this year, we’ve been patiently waiting for news of more music releases from the two piece.

That news has come in a conversation one half of Gorillaz, Damon Albarn, had with a fan in London saying the band have finished the album and are rehearsing right now.

Jack Winstanley was the lucky man who ran into Albarn and took to Twitter to let the world know of his exclusive scoop.


Albarn also revealed he got a new hat he was wearing for a forthcoming tour.

Thanks to Jack, I think it’s safe to assume we’ll be hearing new music from Gorillaz very soon and may even see them on the stage.