Kanye West is at the top of a Wyoming mountain at the moment, but his longtime friend and collaborator GLC has offered some frank opinions of West in a radio interview.

GLC was on the WCGI-FM morning show ‘The Chicago Morning Takeover’ when he stated he believes West is no longer the same person since his mother died in 2007 and is easily influenced by people around him.

“Kanye’s a sponge. Whatever he’s around, that’s what he becomes, so if you’re around a certain group of people on a regular basis, you begin to look like them, you may begin to act like them.”

He went on to say that West felt he needed the approval and praise of white people to have achieved success in his career.

“He equated success to being accepted by the caucasian masses. So if the caucasian people embraced him, that means he made it.”

While we’re waiting for new Kanye West material to come out of the Wyoming mountains, you can listen to the full interview with GLC on ‘The Chicago Morning Takeover’.