French high-end fashion brand Chanel are facing some serious backlash after American make-up artist Jefferee Star promoted a Chanel boomerang on his social media.

Chanel have recently released sports equipment under “other accessories” as part of their 2017 spring-summer pre-collection and have included a $1,930 AU black “wood and resin” boomerang in their collection, as seen on Jeffree Star’s Twitter account.

Social media users have reacted over the many cultural and social issues this boomerang highlights, primarily for appropriating Aboriginal culture.

The National Museum of Australia describes boomerangs as playing “an important role in Aboriginal culture as objects of work and leisure”.

Chanel released a statement saying the brand “is extremely committed to respecting all cultures and regrets that some may have felt offended”.

The boomerang is still available on the Chanel website.