In an extensive investigative report by Billboard, details of Chris Brown’s “downward spiral” have surfaced following comments from insiders and former employees.

The article outlines Chris Brown’s career, personal life and alleged substance abuse and self-medication.

Members of Brown’s team revealed to Billboard that he would often stay awake for up to three days in a row while snorting coke and “dabbling in” Xanax, molly and lean.

In 2014, a probation officer’s report revealed Brown was diagnosed with bipolar II. The report also said Brown had engaged in “inappropriate self-medicating”, and that he also suffered from “untreated PTSD”.

The report also praises Brown for exceptional talent and also discusses his anger outbursts, including the time he stormed off the set of ‘Good Morning America’ in 2011 and threw a chair through the window of his dressing room.

The report also touches on his 2009 felony assault of Rihanna and his recently canceled boxing match with Soulja Boy.

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