Cleveland Cavaliers have become the latest team to announce their corporate logo sponsorship revealing they’ll be teaming up with Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company for next season’s jersey.

In a three-year pilot programme recently approved by NBA owners, teams may now engage in corporate jersey sponsorship and the Cavs will now proudly display Goodyear’s winged-foot logo opposite the Nike swoosh.

Goodyear Tires is from Akron, Ohio which is also where Cavs star Lebron James is from so this partnership totally makes sense to the Cavaliers with the team’s Twitter account stating: “the shoe fits perfectly”.

Terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed but as part of their agreement, the Cavs and Goodyear Tires will donate $1 million USD to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics programmes in Cleveland and Akron public schools.

Other teams so far to take advantage of jersey sponsorship so far include the Philadelphia 76ers (StubHub), Brooklyn Nets (Infor), Sacramento Kings (Blue Diamond), Utah Jazz (Qualtrics) and Boston Celtics (GE).

The Goodyear logo will be unveiled on the Cavaliers’ jersey this summer ahead of the 2017/18 season.