19-year-old Dante Tyrell Ford was charged with murder after killing a 17-year-old boy during an armed robbery of Nike Air Jordan sneakers in Detroit on Friday.

Ford has two felony-related convictions since 2015 and was on probation at the time of the robbery. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office says he also committed at least two recent robberies targeting Nikes that can resale for hundred of dollars.

Ford shot and killed the boy after planning to meet and buy the Air Jordans from him. They were in the back of an SUV at the time of the shooting and the boy also had a 24-year-old friend with him.

“Ford fired a shot, injuring the 24-year-old in the arm,” the prosecutor’s office says. “As a result the 24-year-old fired his weapon. It is alleged that Ford fired his weapon again, fatally wounding [the boy]. As a result of his wounds [the boy] fell out of the vehicle and the car hit a fence.”

Ford fled the scene but was later arrested and charged with felony murder, assault with intent to murder, armed robbery, felony in possession of a firearm and felony firearm use.

He has also been linked to another armed robbery of Nike Air Jordan sneakers that happened just hours before the second robbery.