Adele shocked Adelaide fans during her show when she was left killing time on stage because of a power outage.

The power was cut as a result of her famous revolving stage.

“I’m sorry about the power cut tonight. You’ll never guess what it was? So you know the band’s stage starts revolving after a little while, well as the stage revolved it pulled the power plug out so all the instruments went off,” she explained.

Before fans knew the cause of the power outage, Adele brought out her filthiest joke to buy time.

“Shall I tell you my filthy joke despite all the children here? I need more applause than that because I might offend someone,” she asked the audience.

“What do you call a blonde standing on her head?

“A brunette with bad breath.”

Although we find it hilarious, a few people in the crowd were not too fond of her dirty joke and despite Adele being aware that was a possibility, I don’t think she really cared. She did offer up an apology though.

“I won’t be revolving that stage again, will I? Thank you for your patience with my absolutely useless banter and thank you for putting up with some terrible jokes.”

In other news, we are also now aware that Adele has been literally rolling in and out of her stadium shows in Australia.

Playing massive shows in a stadium does mean there’s no underground access to the pitch so Adele has been left with only one option: to go through the audience.

Many of us were oblivious to the massive black box being rolled to the stage before her show each night but it has since been revealed that inside that black box is the international popstar herself.

“I’ve done so many shows in that box and it has been a nightmare,” Adele explained.

“This time when I came out, you all knew I was in it. I was scared, I was. I’m not lying; I was frightened,” she added.

“So now, I’ll just walk out and ruin the surprise and be like ‘Oh hello, hello!'”

Adele has two more shows left in Melbourne this weekend so she has a bit of time left to figure out a new plan of attack on how to actually get to the stage now that her black box cover has been blown.

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