We saw the ‘4:44’ ad a few weeks ago and many speculated it was a hint for an upcoming Jay Z album but that was put to bed once another ad was aired during game three of the NBA Finals leading viewers to form the conclusion it was actually to promote the release of a movie.

We now know that what we though was a movie is actually the film clip for the first single off Jay Z’s forthcoming album. We were right! There is going to be a new Jay Z album and it is linked to ‘4:44’.

The album will be titled ‘4:44’ and is set to release 30 June, 2017. ‘Adnis’ is the first single from the record and you can hear a teaser from it in the 30-second promotional video starring ‘Moonlight’ actor Mahershala Ali.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oLAtQ0YjwA&w=854&h=480]

The album will be released exclusively through Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal who have partnered with telecommunications company Sprint.

“Jay Z is a global icon,” Marcelo Claure, Sprint president and CEO, said in a statement.

In the same statement, Jay Z said: “Sprint shares our view of revolutionizing the creative industry to allow artists to connect directly with their fans and reach their fullest, shared potential”.

Stay tuned for the release of Jay Z’s 13th studio album ‘4:44’ set to drop 30 June.