A few days ago we saw the ‘4:44’ ad pop up everywhere without any explanation. It’s meaning was finally revealed during Game three of the NBA Finals on Wednesday.

The mysterious ‘4:44’ ad is not a Jay Z album as many theorized, but in fact a movie. Some people were able to track the source code of the ad back to Tidal and that lead to many people speculating an upcoming album from the rapper.

Instead, it was revealed in a commercial aired during game 3 of the NBA Finals that ‘4:44’ is actually a film project collaboration between Tidal and Sprint.

From the trailer, you can see Mahershala Ali plays a boxer with Danny Glover as his coach. Although the clip confirmed the films affiliation with the ‘4:44’ ad, it doesn’t give away much more. We do see Lupita Nyong’o’s name in the credits as well.

After the ad aired, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure made a Tweet stating that Sprint customers would receive exclusive content through their partnership with Tidal. Watch the trailer in the Tweet below.

Can’t say I’m not disappointed we won’t be getting a Jay Z x Beyonce album but the mysteriousness of this film has definitely got me interested.